Where to Buy Colace in Canada

Available online and at retailers across Canada.

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When you are looking for a safe, gentle, comfortable, and effective product to help relieve the symptoms of occasional constipation, Colace has been trusted by Canadians for over half a century. It is also trusted by leading retailers, making it easy to find Colace products near you.

Why trust Colace?

Colace has become a trusted brand for Canadians for over 50 years. It is the gentle and effective way to treat and relieve occasional constipation, by introducing water into the stool to make it softer and easier to pass. We offer more choices to help you find the product suited to your needs, whether you want instant relief from your constipation or want to make your bowel movements more comfortable.

Why use Colace products?

If you suffer from occasional constipation, you want fast relief without any unpleasant side effects. You can restore regular bowel movements and digestive health with Colace, which has offered constipation relief to customers for over 50 years. This fast, safe formula promotes and supports digestive health in a safe, over-the-counter product.

You can experience a bowel movement as quickly as 15 minutes depending on the product you choose. Our wide range of products is suited to your needs. Please consult with your doctor before using.

Trusted Retailers

You can purchase Colace from the following retailers and online services:

  • Colace Available at Amazon
  • Colace Available at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Colace Available at Walmart
  • Colace Available at Loblaws
  • Colace Available at Rexall
  • Colace Available at Lawtons Drugs
  • Colace Available at London Drugs
  • Colace Available at Jean Coutu
  • Colace Available at Pharmasave
  • Colace Available at Sobeys
  • Colace Available at Metro
  • superstore
  • Pharma Choice
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