New DYE FREE formula for safe, gentle, comfortable and effective relief of occasional constipation.

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Fast-acting for safe, gentle, comfortable and effective relief of occasional constipation.

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Stimulant FREE for safe, gentle, comfortable and effective relief of occasional constipation.

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Trusted by Canadians for more than 50 years

Constipation Medicine and Supplements

Suffering from constipation? Get fast, instant relief. Restore regular bowel movements and digestive health with Colace, the leading choice among Canadians for constipation relief for over 50 years.

Colace is fast, safe, and effective, formulated from decades of digestive health research and constipation relief, now available over-the-counter. Colace works in as fast as 15 minutes — instant relief from constipation for normal, healthy digestion. Find the right relief for you from our Colace family wide range of products.

Discover Our Constipation Relief Products

Get fast and instant relief from Constipation

Get fast and instant relief from Constipation

Feeling bloated or experiencing some discomfort? Changes in your regular diet and routine, as well as certain medical conditions, can all cause constipation.

A Colace Clear capsule a day keeps constipation at bay. Relieve the occasional bout of constipation, and restore your body’s natural rhythm of regular bowel movements and normal digestive health. Colace capsules work in just 12 to 72 hours.

Known for safe and gentle constipation relief, Colace Clear capsules effectively produce steady movement, naturally flushing the digestive system in just a few hours without dyes and stimulants. This provides your body enough time to adjust its rhythm and restore normal digestive flow comfortably and conveniently.

Going in for a colonoscopy? Colace is your colon health companion. Ask your doctor about the benefits of Colace stool softeners to prepare for your colonoscopy and ensure a safe and comfortable procedure – all without the use of dyes.

Colace is also recommended for patients with certain heart and other medical conditions, as well as hemorrhoids. These capsules soften stools, making them easier to pass without straining during bowel movements.

Discover constipation relief with Colace Clear capsules:

  • Dye-free and stimulant-free formulation that promotes natural stool softening and bowel movement
  • Works gently and comfortably to provide safe and effective constipation relief
  • Produces bowel movement and restores normal digestive flow in just 12 to 72 hours.
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Get fast and instant relief from Constipation

Constipation can last for days, and in serious cases, even weeks. Going longer than three days without passing stool is severely uncomfortable and unhealthy. That discomfort means days of suffering.

Constipation ends here and now. Get instant relief from constipation in as short as 15 minutes. Colace Glycerin Suppositories eliminate discomfort, bloating, and pain caused by constipation quickly and safely.

Colace Suppositories deliver constipation relief and comfort like never before. Quickly dissolving inside the rectum, these lubricate and soften the stool, making them easier to pass. Avoid straining due to difficult bowel movements and complications like hemorrhoids.

With constipation relief in less than an hour, Colace Glycerin Suppositories are convenient and reliable. Colace gives you full control over your digestive health, so you can restore normal flow and rhythm without disrupting your daily routine. Get back to your day feeling relieved, lighter, and better in just under 30 minutes after flushing out the waste.

Need constipation relief now? Try the fastest-acting Colace Glycerin Suppositories:

  • Colace Suppositories are available for both adults and children, providing constipation relief at any age
  • Works safely and gently in stimulating fast-acting and effective constipation treatment
  • Unbeatable constipation relief in just 15 to 30 minutes.
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Trust & Loyalty

Colace constipation supplements have been trusted by Canadians for over 50 years and counting. Proudly Canadian, Colace capsules, suppositories, and stool softeners are made for you and your immediate comfort.

Get fast and effective constipation relief safely and gently, made possible by decades of Canadian pharmaceutical innovation, quality assurance, and a keen understanding of over-the- counter convenience.

Colace offers constipation relief you can count on exactly when you need it. Join countless Canadians who have experienced the Colace difference with restored bowel movement and comfort every time. Trust the stool softener and constipation medicine with safe and effective results.

Comfort & Relief

Colace works in as short as 15 minutes to a few hours — constipation relief in an instant, exactly when you need it. The fastest constipation medicine, Colace is expertly formulated with docusate sodium which increases the amount of water in the stool to soften it, making it easier to pass.

Colace supplements work safely and gently, effectively providing fast-acting relief and utmost comfort. With dye-free and stimulant-free stimulation, Colace treats constipation and eases discomfort safely and naturally at any age.

Discover added benefits like stool softening for colonoscopy preparation and prevention of straining and hemorrhoids. Restore your body’s natural rhythm and the flow of normal, healthy bowel movements in no time.

More Choices

There’s a Colace constipation supplement for you. Choose from capsules, suppositories, and stool softeners — safe and easy to use for fast-acting relief and treatment. Whether you need constipation relief in the next few minutes or hours, find the right Colace treatment for your comfort and convenience.

Colace constipation medicines come in a range of formulations, including dye-free and stimulant-free varieties that are easy to ingest. Experience instant relief safely and comfortably with a Colace product that’s right for you, your constipation symptoms, and even your daily routine. Restore normal, healthy bowel movements with a Colace product made for you.

“I used these for one week postpartum and they did what they were supposed to! I could not imagine surviving the week following giving birth with out these. Strongly recommend.”



August 23, 2019

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Brenda P

January 09, 2018